Tips When Replacing The Bottom Door Gasket On A Commercial Fridge

Commercial refrigerators have gaskets. They're essentially seals that keep cold air inside the structure. If your bottom door gasket is damaged and can't be fixed, finding a replacement quickly is important. You'll succeed in your search for said component by taking these actions.

Select a Securing Mechanism That You Favor

Gaskets for the bottom door on your commercial refrigerator can be secured in a couple of different ways. There are gaskets that require screws and then some gaskets that just pop right in place. When looking over these options, try thinking about what you'll be able to work with comfortably.

It may help to hire a professional to install the replacement gasket around the bottom door of your commercial refrigerator. You also want a securing mechanism that is going to stay in place regardless of how often the bottom door is opened and closed.

Decide Between the Same or Different Gasket Type

You can have the exact same type of gasket put on the bottom door of your commercial refrigerator, or you can go with a completely different gasket type. Think about how the current gasket worked out. How long was it able to hold up before it came to the point of needing a replacement?

If it lasted for several years, that's actually a good timeframe for longevity. You would thus probably want to choose the exact same type of gasket. If the gasket broke down pretty quickly after purchasing a commercial refrigerator, then getting a new gasket type is worth the little bit of risk in terms of the unknown. 

Ensure a Tight Seal

Once you find yourself looking at a particular bottom door gasket for a commercial fridge, really assess its ability to create an airtight seal. You always need to have this because if you don't, your refrigerator is not going to cool down like it should. 

Is the bottom door gasket sized correctly to where there aren't any gaps left over after it has been set up? And how long will the gasket keep an airtight seal? You need to know this before making a selection and getting the gasket set up.

Gaskets aren't made from the most durable materials, so eventually, you'll have to replace them on your commercial refrigerator. If you're focusing on replacing the bottom door's gasket, try finding a gasket that isn't hard to set up and will provide great sealing performance for as long as possible. 

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