How A Mobile Screening Plant Works

A mobile screening plant is used in many industries that require materials to be separated. Mobile screening machinery can be set up in environments where space is limited and can be used to classify large groups of materials.

Vibrating Screener And Hopper

Material classification is necessary when products are going to be sold to consumers or when materials are going to be used for specific applications. During the screening process, foreign materials are removed from a batch of raw goods. A vibrating screener and hopper are two main parts of a mobile screening plant.

As batches of materials are agitated, pieces are separated by size and only the ones that are small enough to pass through the openings in a screen will move to a different decking surface. Double and triple decking screens are commonly used with this type of equipment. A conveyor system that is connected to a chassis will move pieces as they are sorted. A mobile screening plant can be used before or after crushing equipment is used to grind pieces to a desired size.

Specialized Screens And Usage

Rocks, minerals, and recyclable materials can be treated with screening machinery. Some materials, such as aggregates, need to be clean and dry for them to work effectively. A mobile screening plant can be fitted with specialized screens that are designed to aid with rinsing and drying pieces and ensuring that they do not contain any dust or dirty film on them.

When aggregates are clean and dry, they will effectively bond with cement and other ingredients that are being used to create fresh pavement. The sorting and cleaning process will reduce the number of errors that are made when delivering products to a client or while sorting materials onsite. After materials have passed through a conveyor system, they can be deposited into separate piles and labeled.

Mobile screening machinery usually includes a line of equipment that features horizontal and incline configurations. Equipment is designed to be used in rugged environments. The design of the machine that you choose may be dependent upon the amount of room that you are supplied with and the size of the bulk materials that need to be sorted.

Equipment that you use to transport goods can be used to load raw materials into a screening plant's hopper. There should be ample room for equipment to lift and lower as loads of raw materials are transferred to a screening plant. For more info, reach out to a local mobile screening plant supplier.