Circuit Breaker Replacements And Upgrades

A circuit breaker acts as a safety measure. It stops the flow of electricity if a circuit becomes overloaded. Circuit breakers are found inside residential and commercial electrical panels. Breakers that are designed specifically for use with a particular panel product should be purchased for an upgrade that will be performed to the panel.

Safety Guidelines

Before you purchase new circuit breakers for your home's electrical panel, determine if the panel will support the addition of new breakers. Inspect the panel box. The inspection will provide you with the model name of the box. The breakers that you purchase will need to be compatible with the electrical panel box type. If you are somewhat familiar with switching out circuit breakers, follow some safety guidelines when switching out the circuit breakers.

First, make sure that the main circuit breaker is turned to the off position. This will stop electricity from running through electrical wires. Failing to turn off the main breaker switch could result in being shocked during the installation of the new circuit breakers. Once the main switch has been turned off, perform a voltage test. A voltage test will allow you to double-check that the electrical supply has been temporarily suspended.

Professional Services

If you have no knowledge about electrical hookups, contact an electrician to assist you with switching out the circuit breakers or adding new ones to the electrical panel in your home. When you contact an electrician, provide them with the model number of the electrical panel that is in your residence. During your initial point of contact, be within close proximity of the electrical panel.

The electrician may ask you questions about the layout of the circuit breakers that are inside the panel. The information that you supply the electrician with will help them determine the types of circuit breakers that will be needed. An electrician may supply a wide range of circuit breaker products that they use during service appointments.

If they do not have the proper circuit breakers in stock, you can purchase the electrical products yourself. The electrician will guide you in ordering the materials necessary for the upgrade. During the service appointment, the electrician will inspect the electrical panel. Then, they will perform the repair or upgrade that you are seeking. Your electrician will likely label the areas where the new circuit breakers are installed. The labels will indicate what each circuit breaker is connected to. 

For more info about circuit breakers, contact a local electrician.