Ask To Have These Elements Replaced When You Buy A Used Trailer

Buying a used trailer can save you a significant amount of money that you'd otherwise spend buying a new model with similar features. When you're considering the used market, regardless of the specific type of trailer you're shopping for, one of the benefits is that you can haggle a little over the price and/or ask for certain tasks to be completed to the trailer before you buy it. Used trailers sold by reputable trailer retailers will typically be in good physical shape, but may have older elements that could stand to be replaced before you confirm the sale. Here are some ideas for things to ask about.

Trailer Hitch

Trailer hitches should last a long time when they're properly cared for, but if the trailer was previously owned by someone who wasn't conscientious about its use, it's possible that the mechanism inside the trailer hitch has been worn down a bit. You need to be sure that the hitch will adequately grip the ball mount on the rear of your vehicle and stay tightly attached while you tow the trailer. It's not unreasonable to ask the trailer sales rep to have this part of the used trailer replaced before you buy it, especially if you're able to see visual indicators of wear inside the hitch.

Trailer Light Covers

A trailer with functional lights will help to make you safe on the road, but you need to be sure that the lights are highly visible. Over time, the plastic covers over the trailer's lights can develop a fog-like opaque nature that reduces the flow of light through them. This, in turn, can make your trailer less visible to other motorists. Ask the sales rep to replace any of the light covers on the trailer before you buy it, and you'll be able to confidently know that your visibility is high on the road.


Reputable trailer vendors will only sell used trailers with working electronics, but you have the right to inspect the wiring in the trailer you're considering and ask for it to be replaced if you discover any issues. For example, the lights may work properly, but a detailed inspection by you and the sales rep could reveal that small rodents, such as mice, have made nests in the trailer. This is a concern, as these animals can often chew through wires. Even if the lights work fine, there's a chance that some of the wires are partially damaged. Your trailer retailer should have no problem replacing the wiring before completing the sale.

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