Is Your Dog Boarding Business A Mess? How Heavy Duty Storage Bins Can Help

If you have a dog kennel and you're having a problem keeping all of the items separated that belong to dogs that are being boarded with you, and food is attracting mice and going to waste, it's time for you to invest in some heavy duty plastic storage bins. There are a variety of sizes for these containers, and they are going to protect against moisture, dogs, and damage. You can stack them and easily load them when needed.

Choosing A Relatively Low-Tech Inventory System For A Small Workshop

For do-it-yourself enthusiasts and small workshop owners like yourself, staying organized generally isn't that difficult. However, ensuring you are always aware of which parts and tools you have can be a bit confusing unless you have a good inventory system. It's very easy to let parts sit or to mentally say to yourself that you're running out of X part, only to forget to go to the store for more. However, the phrase inventory system can sound relatively complicated.

3 Ways To Make The Pallet Racks In Your Warehouse Safer

If you are looking to increase the safety and efficiency of your warehouse this fall, here are three changes you can make to your warehouse that will keep your employees and your goods safe.  #1 Make The Ground Level Really Even There is a good chance that the floor in your warehouse is not as even as you think it is. Even the most perfectly laid cement may not be perfectly level.

Need A New Septic System? 4 Tips For Quick Yard Repair

The installation of a new septic system is a huge job that requires moving a great deal of earth. Unfortunately, the earth that needs to be moved is your lovely, green yard. Unless you have a landscaper come in and repair the damage, you will be left with an unsightly yard and mounds of dirt after getting your new tank installed. While the damage is not permanent, it does take some time and a great deal of work to repair.

Using Less Plastic: 3 Reusable Produce-Bag Features to Look For

Plastic bags are overfilling in landfills and damaging the environment. With 160,000 plastic bags being used globally each second, it's no wonder why there seems like there's an endless supply polluting our environment. Make a difference by switching to reusable produce bags. To ensure that the produce bags will last for years upon years, look for these three features. Drawstrings at the Top To prevent your groceries from spilling out, purchase produce bags with drawstrings at the top so that you can close the opening of the produce bags as tightly or as loosely as need be.