Properties Of Crack Seal Hoses That Lend Well To Other Industrial Tasks

Crack seal hoses, also called crack sealing hoses, are generally used in conjunction with asphalt and concrete crack sealing equipment. It extrudes the very hot asphalt and tar products onto concrete and, when used for concrete, evenly fills and sprays the concrete into gaps and spaces. However, many properties of these hoses lend themselves to other industrial tasks, so you could use them in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples.

Conduits for Boiling Hot Liquids

Whether you need to transport boiling hot water or liquid lead and steel across a short distance, the insulation of these hoses helps accomplish this task. Since they are well-insulated and designed to keep tar and asphalt hot and in liquid form, they can do the same for many other industrial materials. Many of these hoses are sold with heaters attached so that they can keep and hold material inside the hoses at a constant temperature. Sometimes it is also safer to use these hoses in this capacity so that no spills or leaks of fluid materials can cause burns or injuries to your employees.

Substitute Fire Hoses

Because these hoses have some standard "plug and play" connections, they may also be used as substitute fire hoses when connected to a water pump truck. They can be exposed to flames and hot temperatures, which makes them ideal in situations where fiery infernos are part of the daily business. If you need to connect more than one crack seal hose together to create a longer substitute fire hose, be sure to purchase some appropriate hose couplers when you buy the hoses.

Applicators for Corrosive Substances

These hoses may be used for the application of some milder corrosive substances. As long as the substances are unable to burn through or weaken the thick polyvinyl and woven thread walls of the crack sealing hose, they can hold the substances easily. A list of which light corrosives may be jettisoned through these hoses can be requested from the manufacturer.

Additionally, there are some nozzle controls and every hose comes with a small nozzle handle that will help your employees aim the substances at their intended targets. If you need nozzle handle extenders to prevent the corrosives from coming into contact with your employees, these handles are available as an accessory in the same industrial equipment and supply shop where you purchased or rented the hoses.

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