Tips For First Time Boat Haulers

Towing a boat for the first time takes some practice and the right equipment. You want to make sure that you know how to maneuver and drive your truck safely. The following tips can ensure you get your boat to the water safely.

Tip #1: Stay on the level

As long as your truck is rated to tow the weight of the boat and you have a hitch, you may think you are good to go. That is not necessarily true, though. If you have a lifted truck, the hitch may not be level with the connector on the trailer. This means that trying to hook up, if it is even possible, will either lift the trailer or pull the truck bed down on its rear shocks. Both will make it impossible to have good control over the truck or trailer, especially if you have to travel at higher speeds. Instead, install a dropped hitch that connects to the trailer on its level so that you have maximum control of your tow load.

Tip #2: Practice with an empty trailer

Towing an empty trailer isn't quite like towing a boat, but it is good practice. Take the time to take just the trailer for a spin. Practice turning both left and right, maneuvering in (empty) parking lots, and backing up. You may even want to invest in some orange cones so you can practice maneuvering around and between them. A small bump or jumped curb with an empty trailer is much less likely to lead to major damage than when it's holding your boat, so this practice is very important.

Tip #3: Be patient at the boat launch

You don't want to immediately launch your boat, since the cold water on hot wheel bearings can damage your trailer. Instead, find a shady spot to park and take a few minutes to prep your boat while the bearings cool. Put the drain plug into your boat and remove the tie-down straps ā€“ but leave the bow strap until you are actually ready to launch.

Tip #4: Bring an experienced hand

If you have never launched a boat from a trailer, it can be well worth it to bring an experienced person with you for the ride. Backing into the boat launch isn't complicated, but it is easier when you have someone with you that has done it before. As a general rule, your boat can usually be launched from the trailer as long as you back it in so that the water is just below the top of the fenders on your trailer. At this point, you will release the bow strap and back the boat off the trailer.

For more information, contact Geny Hitch or a similar company.