How To Frame Your Home's Entry Door Without Miter Cuts

If you recently replaced your home's entry door but have been avoiding the project of installing the interior wood trim, then you will be pleased to learn that you can easily complete the project in about an hour. By using corner blocks, you can add a sense of style to the door's trim while completely eliminating the need for complicated miter cuts.

To complete this project you will need the following tools and supplies:

  • 2 corner blocks (you can buy these at a company like Classy Corners LLC)
  • a small level
  • 3 strips of wood trim
  • a hack saw
  • a small hammer
  • finish nails
  • wood putty
  • paint or stain

Follow these steps to frame your new entry door:

Step 1: Place one of the corner blocks on a top corner of the entry door's frame. Using your level, ensure that the block is level before hammering in the nails to secure it in place. Nail the corner block on each of its four corners using finish nails and a small hammer. Repeat the process for the second corner block.

Step 2: Hold a strip of the wood trim against the wall and measure where you need to cut it so that it fits snug against the corner block. Mark the wood with a pencil and use the side of your level to draw a straight line for cutting. Cut the trim using your hacksaw with a finish carpentry blade. Repeat the process to measure and cut the other two pieces of wood trim for the other side and the top of the door. Nail the wood trim pieces into place by nailing them every foot or so along the length of the boards.

Step 3: Using a small putty knife or your finger, apply a small amount of wood putty to each nail hole to cover the nail's head. Use a paintable putty so that you will be able to hide the holes once the trim has been painted or stained.

Step 4:  Paint or stain the trim to match the rest of the wood trim in the room. If you struggle with painting in small areas, you may find that using a sponge brush works the best for you.

Pre-Painting or Pre-Staining the Door Trim

Finally, if you would prefer, you can always pre-paint or pre-stain your entry door's new corner blocks and wood trim pieces. Once they have been installed on the wall, then you can simply putty the nail heads and apply a small amount of touch-up paint.