Why Rubber Grommets Offer Better Protection Than Metal

Traditionally, grommets have been metal rings, but rubber grommets have been increasingly used due to protect electrical components. When protecting wires and other sensitive components from damage, rubber grommets are often a better option than grommets made out of other materials, but you will need to assess the conditions that your grommets will be placed under to determine whether rubber grommets will be necessary or whether you would be better off using an alternative.


Rubber grommets are more weather-resistant. This allows for these products to be protected from moisture and extreme weather fluctuations. Rubber grommets also have the ability to protect cables and wires from being contaminated by dirt. Metal is vulnerable to moisture, which can cause it to corrode.

UV Radiation Resistance

Rubber grommets are more resistant to UV radiation. Therefore, if your grommets will be exposed to sunlight, a rubber grommet may be a better option than one made out of metal. A UV light is ionizing radiation that will cause a weakening of the metal over time. The metal can become excited and will be more likely to react to other materials. However, unless the metal has a protective coating to protect it from rusting, it will likely melt long before UV radiation causes it to degrade.

Heat Resistance

Rubber grommets are more resistant to heat. When choosing rubber grommets, determine what temperature they are rated to be used for. For instance, there are some rubber grommets that are rated to be used under 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Metal that is exposed to a high temperature will not necessarily melt, but will become weakened and will be more likely to fail.

Acid Resistance

Rubber grommets are more resistant to certain acids, including:

  • Hydrochloric
  • Saltpeter
  • Sulfuric
  • Phosphoric

Therefore, rubber grommets are useful in the event that the grommet is likely to be exposed to these chemicals. Highly acidic substances can potentially ruin rubber or soften it, but not to the same extent as metal.

Alternatives To Rubber Grommets

A similar material to rubber that comes with many of the same benefits is a plastic grommet. Grommets can either be made entirely out of plastic or can be coated in plastic. Metal may still also be desirable if the above issues are not commonly experienced under the particular application. Metal grommets are also very durable, but in most cases, plastic and rubber also have a sufficient level of durability for the application.

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