4 DIY Shop Projects That Can All Use The Same Interchangeable DC Motor

DIY and maker projects require that you have a lot of tools to complete your creations. There are some pieces of equipment that may be too costly for your budget. Most of these have one thing in common; they all use electric DC motors to power them, so why not make your own machines that can use interchangeable motor designs and same DC motor design. Here are some of the things that you may want build to use one motor that interchanges with each machine:

1. Homemade Lathe With A DC Motor For Wood Turning And Metal Working

There are many DIY projects that you may want to do. Some of these can require round pieces, such as decorative posts for railings. To make round objects, a lathe is an essential piece of equipment. You can make a lathe with an interchangeable motor easily. All you need to do is build a rail system and a sliding mechanism with a wheel to mount the motor on. When you need to use the motor somewhere else, just loosen the belt and remove it.

2. Using Old Wheels And Scraps To Make A DIY Bandsaw For Cutting Materials

Bandsaws can be great multipurpose cutting machines to have in the shop. A blade with more teeth per square inch can cut through wood, plastic, and metals. This can be a simple DIY machine to build and have a DC motor that operates it. You can choose from different designs for different needs, such as a bandsaw mill for creating your own lumber or a stationary bandsaw for your shop. 

3. DIY Drill Press That Can Be Operated With An Interchangeable Motor

A drill press is another really useful tool to have in your shop. You can use a drill press for many different projects. To make one, you can get a drill and mount it to a frame that can adjust vertically. At the top, make a mount for the motor that can make it easy to install and remove a DC motor that you use in your shop.

4. DIY Belt Sanders That Are Powered By A DC Electric Motor

Belt sanders can be a simple project that you can power with a DC motor for your projects. All you need to do is make the rods to hold the belt and a mount for the motor to move the sanding belt of your machine. You can build belt sanders of all sizes using this method and give your projects the finishing touches they need.

These are some of the DIY shop projects that you may want to consider for your shop equipment using one interchangeable motor for all. If you need help with preparing some of these projects, contact a CNC tooling service like Sharp Tech Inc. to help with the fabrication of some of the parts you need for these projects.