Using Less Plastic: 3 Reusable Produce-Bag Features to Look For

Plastic bags are overfilling in landfills and damaging the environment. With 160,000 plastic bags being used globally each second, it's no wonder why there seems like there's an endless supply polluting our environment. Make a difference by switching to reusable produce bags. To ensure that the produce bags will last for years upon years, look for these three features.

Drawstrings at the Top

To prevent your groceries from spilling out, purchase produce bags with drawstrings at the top so that you can close the opening of the produce bags as tightly or as loosely as need be. Drawstrings that come with grommet or eyelets are particularly useful, as there's less of a chance that the drawstrings will retreat into the cavity of the bag. You should also look for drawstrings made from tightly wound fibers for optimal durability.

Mesh Fabric

Let your groceries breathe, and they'll end up fresher for a longer period of time. Choose produce bags made from mesh fabric in order to extend the shelf life of produces like lemons and grapefruits. Even better, you don't have to take your groceries out of the produce bag when you get home. You can just stick the entire thing into the refrigerator or into the pantry. Produce bags made from mesh fabric also allow you to clearly see what's stored inside. Gone are the days where you have to fumble among a jungle of plastic in order to find what you're looking for.

Ability to be Machine Washed

To make the produce bags last, you'll want to keep them clean and in good condition. This means that you'll have to wash the produce bags every so often in order to get rid of any particles or fluids that may have settled on top. You don't want to waste time by having to wash each bag separately, so make sure you find ones that can be machine washed easily in just about any temperature of water or with just about any type of detergent.


Stock up on reusable produce bags, and you'll be doing a lot of good for the environment while saving a lot of money in the long run. You'll also be able to get rid of plastic clutter around the house. Reusable produce bags come in many colors, shapes, and designs, so shop around to find ones that match your personality and style. Produce bags can absolutely be fashion pieces.