Need A New Septic System? 4 Tips For Quick Yard Repair

The installation of a new septic system is a huge job that requires moving a great deal of earth. Unfortunately, the earth that needs to be moved is your lovely, green yard. Unless you have a landscaper come in and repair the damage, you will be left with an unsightly yard and mounds of dirt after getting your new tank installed. While the damage is not permanent, it does take some time and a great deal of work to repair. If you want to get your yard back in shape quickly, follow these four tips. 

Remove Grass First

When the excavators come in to move dirt, they're going to dig everything up, including your grass. One of the fastest ways to replace the grass is to put down sod after the project. However, if you don't want to spend the money on sod, there is another solution. Dig up your grass along with several inches of root in the area where the project will take place. Place the grass on a plastic sheet in the shade, keeping it moist until it's time to lay it back down. 

Ask Excavators for a Favor

If you don't want to have to move dirt after the project, ask the excavators to smooth out the ground and haul away any excess dirt. Also, you might want to ask them to get the majority of the rocks out as well. Digging up your yard is going to expose a lot of rocks and hard terrain that will make it difficult for you to get a smooth lawn. See if they will do most of the work for you. It's a lot easier for them to do it with an excavator than for you to do it with a shovel. 

Aerate Your Lawn

Heavy equipment will trample your lawn and impact the dirt, making it difficult for grass to grow in areas that were not involved in the excavation. To get your yard back to normal, aerate it thoroughly to allow for the free flow of air and water to your grass. 

Plant Grass Seed

After aerating your lawn, plant grass seed in the areas where you're still seeing dirt. Make sure you purchase grass seed that is the exact same type as the grass that's already going to create a uniform look. Be sure to fertilize and water your lawn until your grass has well established roots. 

Septic tank installation can wreak havoc on your yard. If you're smart, though, you can get your yard back to normal fairly quickly by following just a few tips. Contact a company like Southern Sanitary Systems Inc for more information.