3 Ways To Make The Pallet Racks In Your Warehouse Safer

If you are looking to increase the safety and efficiency of your warehouse this fall, here are three changes you can make to your warehouse that will keep your employees and your goods safe. 

#1 Make The Ground Level Really Even

There is a good chance that the floor in your warehouse is not as even as you think it is. Even the most perfectly laid cement may not be perfectly level. It is vitally important that your pallet racks start out evenly. 

The best way to ensure that your pallets are flat and square is by putting shim plates at the base of your pallet racks. This will help ensure that the base is flat and all the weight for each of your pallets is distributed evenly. Your entire pallet rack will be more stable when you ensure that the floor your pallets are stacked on is flat and even.

#2 Reinforce The Back Of Your Pallet Rack

If the back side of your pallet rack is open, there is nothing to stop a pallet that is slipping from falling right off the stack. You can prevent a pallet from slipping and falling off by reinforcing the back of your pallet rack.

There are a few different ways that you can reinforce the back of your pallet rack. You can put up heavy duty mesh panels to create a back side for your pallet rack. You can also put netting over the back side. Or, you can install beams across the back of your pallet rack for a really sturdy back. 

Installing a back will help protect your pallets should one ever slip. This addition will prevent pallets from falling, damaging product, and hurting your employees.

#3 Install Column Protectors

Finally, if you don't have column protectors in place, install protectors on all of the columns on your pallet rack. Column protectors are basically like bumpers for your pallet rack. When a fork lift nicks the edge of your pallet racks, the protectors will absorb the impact and take the hit for any damages that the forklift may have inflicted.

A fork lift, even one that is moving really slowly, can really rock the edge of your pallet column shelving, especially if there are not any protectors in place. The protectors can extend the life of your pallet rack shelving and prevent an accident from occurring. 

These upgrades to your pallet racking system will not take that long to put in place and do not cost that much; however, they should greatly increase the level of safety for both your employees and your products in your warehouse.