Time For New Warehouse Racks? How To Ensure A Secure Pallet Rack System

If it's time to install a pallet rack system in your warehouse, choose the right racks. Pallet rack systems give you the strength and stability you need for industrial use. But you do need to make sure they're installed correctly. Problems with the installation will increase your risk for accidents and injuries. If you're not sure how to safeguard your pallet rack system, read the information provided below. Here are four steps you need to take to ensure the safety and stability of your pallet rack system. 

Start With the Right Columns

When it comes to securing your pallet racks, you need to start with the right columns. The wrong columns will undermine the structural integrity of your pallet racks. There are two types of columns to choose from: fully tubular columns and open-back columns. Fully tubular columns are closed columns. They're designed for added strength and stability. Open-back columns are closed on three sides but open in the back. If you're putting heavy loads on your pallet racks, you'll want to go with fully-tubular columns. 

Give Yourself Some Extra Room

If you're installing your pallet racks in a warehouse setting, be sure to give yourself some extra space between racks. This is especially important when you use heavy equipment around the racks. Limited space between racks increases your risk for accidents and injuries. That's because there isn't enough room to maneuver the equipment. When installing your racks, leave enough space for the equipment. 

Ensure Added Stability for Weight

If you know that your pallet racks will be holding heavy loads on a regular basis, give them some extra stability. One way to do that is to double up the columns along the front of your racks. The additional columns will allow your pallets to hold up to the pressure. Without the double columns, you risk collapse. This is especially true if your pallets are overloaded. The double columns also help to safeguard against damage. If one column is damaged by heavy loading equipment, the other column will hold steady until you can take care of repairs. 

Use Guard Rails and Strut Protection

Finally, don't forget to include added protection. Without protection, your pallet rack columns are at an increased risk for damage. The best way to protect against damage is to install strut protection and guard rails. Strut protectors should be placed around each inside strut. Guard rails should be placed at the end of each pallet rack row.

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