A New Pool Pump Can Offer Better Energy Efficiency And Other Benefits

Are you looking to build a new pool and starting to think about individual components like which pool pump to buy? Do you already have a pool but are unsatisfied with your old pool pump due to noise or its lack of efficiency? Energy-efficient pool pump manufacturers have made great strides in this product area in recent years, and installing the right pool pump can offer multiple long-term benefits for your pool and your energy bill. Here's how a more modern or more energy-efficient pool pump can benefit you.

Lower Your Electricity Bill or Keep the Pool Open for Longer Without Worrying About the Cost

If you already have a pool and it's been years since you've installed a new pump, you might be missing out on industry advancements that could save you money. A pump that's built around being as efficient as possible could significantly reduce your electric bill in the summer, paying for itself over time before eventually saving you money. Another benefit is that if you know your pool is now more energy-efficient, you might be more comfortable with opening it up sooner in the summer or keeping it open well past Labor Day if the temperature in your area warrants it.

Newer, More Efficient Pumps Will Give You More Options for Adjusting the Flow Throughout the Pool Area

Today's energy-efficient pool pumps are capable of sending out water at multiple different levels of pressure. Do you have some nice water features throughout your pool area such as a waterfall? A new adjustable pull pump could allow you to increase or decrease the amount of water that is used on any given feature. This could save you money or allow you to visually adjust what these water features look like on any given day. Let the waterfall go full blast to impress your guests when you have a pool party, but slow the water feature down to a trickle when it's just you in the pool.

A Newer and More Efficient Pump May Offer Quieter Operation As Well

Updating your pool pump won't just increase its efficiency, it could also lead to quieter operations that both your family and maybe even your neighbors will appreciate. If you have your pool shoehorned in closely to the house because you have a smaller piece of property, a quiet pool pump will allow whoever is in the closest bedroom to take a nap or relax without constantly hearing the noise from just outside.