3 Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Hood Inspections and Cleanings

Are you the new owner of a restaurant? If the location you have chosen was previously occupied, you need to request a commercial kitchen hood inspection. Perhaps the place looks well-kept, and you are assuming that the equipment is clean and functional. Getting a hood inspection can protect you from several mishaps that might occur when your business operations are up and running. Even if the kitchen hood is in good condition and functional, it might need a commercial kitchen hood cleaning.

The following points identify the important benefits you can expect by getting your commercial kitchen hood routinely inspected and cleaned.

1. Confidence in Compliance

The jurisdiction in the area where your new restaurant is located likely has fire codes. Your business might be chosen to be inspected. They can enforce a mandatory closing or sanction that if the kitchen has significant flaws. Kitchens are notorious for being filled with traces of grease from food. This grease can be a contributing factor to kitchen fires. The kitchen hood is part of the exhaust system and grease gets trapped inside.

Inspections also involve determining if commercial kitchens are sanitary. Accumulated grease and moisture in kitchen hood exhaust systems can be ideal environments for bacteria to grow. These systems extend into the roof area of buildings and can be a reason for kitchen fires spreading quickly.

2. Increased Productivity

You might be tempted to clean your commercial kitchen hood yourself. The hood system is comprised of several key components. If the wrong cleaning techniques are performed, it is possible to damage the system or hinder its performance. This can lead to unplanned downtime due to repair needs.  It is also important to note that thorough cleaning means accessing difficult-to-access parts of the system. This can be time-consuming. Outsourcing your hood cleaning to professionals will give you more time to focus on other business matters. Relying on an employee to do it could result in damages, improper cleaning, and be distracting.

3. Address Repair Issues 

Most commercial equipment is designed to last for many years. Proper maintenance can result in a longer lifespan for critical restaurant equipment. Inspections can aid in identifying broken or damaged equipment. Damages to the commercial kitchen hood system may not be obvious if the issue is in the unexposed areas of the system.

Commercial kitchen hood cleaners can help you better understand the maintenance requirements. They can determine how often your kitchen hood(s) should be cleaned and inspected. There are several factors used to make this determination, and as your business grows, you might need cleanings more frequently.