Color-Match Roof Coating — Useful Installation Tips For Commercial Property Owners

Color-match coatings give extra protection to roofs, and that's why a lot of commercial property owners invest in them. If you plan to as well, here are some application tactics to get right.

Choose a Superior Coating Product

Before applying a roof coating on your commercial property for added protection, you must first choose a product. Manufacturers have many options, varying in longevity, aesthetics, and ease of application.

Do your best to find a coating that fits your budget and holds up for a long time. Perform research on the available options and test a couple of samples from manufacturers. These measures make it easy to find a superior coating that applies smoothly. 

Repair Holes

If your commercial roof is a little older, there may be holes around a few spots. Repair them before applying a color-match coating to the roof so that you get flawless results without working that hard. 

Since you cannot repair roof holes all by yourself, hire commercial roof contractors. They can patch up holes and ensure their repairs look seamless. Once they finish, you're now ready to wash the roof thoroughly. 

Rent a Power Washer

One of the most impactful preparations for adding a color-match coating system to your commercial roof is washing it. You must remove dirt, debris, and rocks before applying a coating with a spray gun or roll-on method. 

An easy way to wash an entire commercial roof is to rent a pressure washer. You'll spray pressurized water over every inch of the roof until it's spotless and ready for a coating. Pressure washing is a much better strategy than cleaning a commercial roof with just your hands. 

Avoid Foot Traffic While Coating Dries 

A color-match roof coating will take nearly a day to fully dry. While it does, make sure you avoid all instances of foot traffic. There should be no reason to walk on the roof while the coating cures.

Remind contractors and employees of that fact so that you can protect the coating until it fully dries and subsequently has durable properties. You can set up a barrier on the roof in case any professionals or employees forget to stay off the roof during a coating application.   

After investing in a color-match roof coating for commercial property, ensure installation goes smoothly. All you have to do is take your time, use the right tools, and verify a successful application. 

For more info about color-match roof coatings, contact a local company.